A book sprint is a method of writing collaboratively in a short period of time, usually three to five days.(cf. Wikipedia)


The booksprint format is a variation of the hackathon format. It is often employed to quickly produce online documentations, handbooks, blog posts or reference material.


As the time is limited, the format works best on the basis of existing expertise, where the participans can focus on writing while extensive discussions or research is not neccessary.


A booksprint is usually organized in three distince phases:

  • Find a topic (first draft)
  • Contact experts to find potential participants
    • An expert is someone who would be able to explain a topic in detail even when short of sleep or inebriated
    • Most helpful usually are those experts who do not have much time to attend
  • Discuss / define the topic with potential participants
  • Find a facilitator to support participants during the writing phase
  • Schedule a time
The actual booksprint (3-5 days)
  • Focus on a common goal
  • Introduction
  • Brainstorm Chapters
  • Brainstorm Target groups
  • Setup a Kanban Board
  • Write in Sessions
  • Take breaks before they are neccessary
  • Different participants write and edit every part
  • Update and communicate the current status to the group, keep on track
  • Edit the whole text again
  • Find a Designer
  • Convert the online text



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